First touch

It has been just over 18 months since I started delivering football sessions to a small group of 15 children every Sunday at Old Shielfield. If someone had told me back then what it would be like 18 months later I wouldn’t have believed them. It’s been staggering!

Its just been over 10 years since I started my coaching degree at newcastle. I have always loved and played football but have always been more interested in the training methods behind it. Or more simply, what does it take to become a top level footballer/athlete? What are these people doing differently to everyone else? I could go on!

If you think I can make your son or daughter a professional footballer then I should apologise now. Although I believe a coach plays a little part in leading a player down the right path, whether through a specific coaching program or training methods, it will ultimately it comes down to an individuals attitude and desire. Does that individual have the desire to practice? And practice? And practice? You catch my drift.

All of the sessions MGM Sports Coaching are coached in a positive environment. Past experiences from when I played have taught me that negative words can be so detrimental to an individual confidence pursuing football or even other aspects of life. I can guarantee you that if coach said “you can’t” or “that’s brilliant” during a session the individual would leave only thinking of the the negative word. The praise would mean nothing.

With a positive coaching environment the aim is too not only improve football but also to build confidence. This is something that could be transferable to other sports or even academic work.

I believe all children from the ages of 4-8 need to get as many touches of the ball as they can. Ultimately, they need to become comfortable with a ball before they start learning anything difficult (technical or tactics). The challenge is to devise games where everyone has fun and gets plenty touches of the ball. At MGM Sports Coaching we design fun games that can be focused around current trends we see today; for example, the children loved the new Star Wars drill!

The business is going very well at the moment. Sessions and camps are being booked out while the program being delivered in schools has proven to be popular with pupils. Once again I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me over the last 18 months, it has been very much appreciated.