Walking Football : Over 50s

Walking Football


Our Walking Football sessions allow for the creation of a level playing field for all involved. The beauty of that, is that it helps to ensure a competitive environment for all players. You must constantly think about your movement to try stay one step ahead of the game. There’s an argument that by slowing things down, it introduces a more tactical battle. And of course, because of your constant moment, it makes for a great cardiovascular workout too!

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The latest Sport England Active People survey found that only as much as 37% of all residents in the TD15 area aged 16 or above participate in sport for 30 minutes once per week.

In October 2009, it was found that almost 64% of participants aged 45-54 would have liked to play more sport, a figure which on last count (2013) had declined to slightly over 44% – largely in part due to a lack of viable sporting options for those of a more senior age!

However, the Berwick Rangers Community Foundation’s latest initiative looks to address that issue by providing a sport which focuses on enjoyment in order to appeal the masses.